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Experiencing God - Amy Nelson

(no childcare provided) Hey Ladies, Our connect group is called Experiencing God, where we focus on the Word of God and build strong support systems with each other. We have multiple ways to accomplish these. Our cGroup breaks into a fall semester and spring semester where we meet weekly in the Timothy building. Our sessions end before the busy holiday seasons which gives us more time to devote to our families. During our "off season” we like to spend down time together, having fun, getting coffee, playing games, having each other over for dinner, etc. We are also known for doing some out of the box things like having costume contests, scavenger hunts and paint parties!! I am a firm believer in one of the last things Jesus spoke before He ascended, which was to make disciples. We do this in PODs which stands for Point Of Discipleship where you will be in a smaller group of ladies, with an amazing leader, and discuss scripture we read, prayer requests, and share your story as you learn more about the Lord. And I am really pumped up about our ECHO Bible Companion that our groups lead team has written!!!! It is an interactive workbook where you will answer simple questions about what you read in the Word each day. If you stay with us, you will have read the entire New Testament by the time we finish our Spring and Fall semester. So if all of that sounds like something you are excited about, we would love to have you be a part. We are just normal people wanting to do our best to live for the Kingdom of God. All of us have issues, insecurities, problems that we don’t know the answer to. We have needs that we aren’t sure how they will be met. We have loved ones who don’t know the Lord, children that are away from Jesus, and fears that we try to keep a handle on. We don’t expect perfection and we don’t pretend we are super human. We just want to give the Lord OUR VERY BEST because He gave us His very best. Amen? You will want to bring your Bible, Journal, Pen. If you can, please bring a paper Bible so that you can highlight, underline, and make notes what the Lord shows you. From me and the lead team, we cannot WAIT to see you!! - Amy



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Chapel - 13423 HWY 431, St. Amant, LA 70774

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